Wedo Software

The WeDo™ Construction Set can be used with either the LEGO WeDo™ Software Package or with CHERP-W tangible graphical programming language.  


LEGO WeDo™ Software

This drag-and-drop software is powered by LabVIEW™, icon based, and provides an intuitive programming environment  for children . It is available for purchase on the LEGO Education website.  



CHERP (Creative Hybrid Environment for Robotic Programming) is a hybrid tangible/graphical computer language designed to provide an engaging introduction to computer programming for children in both formal and informal educational settings. With CHERP you can create programs for several different types of robots inclduing the Mindstorms RCX and Lego WeDo. It was designed during the TangibleK project at Tufts University by the DevTech Research Group (NSF Grant No. DRL-0735657). For more information about CHERP, please click here.



Disclaimer: CHERP is a research prototype. The DevTech Research Group will not be responsible for providing support related to bugs, glitches, or downloading issues. 


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