Video Snapshots

Check out the “video snapshots” below of students and teachers learning and playing with different robots:

The Confused Robot

Robots of CFS Grade 1 Room 4

KIBO Home Movies: Exploring the KIBO Reader and Art Platforms

KIBO Home Movies: Using a Distance Sensor

KIBO Home Movies: Programming with Conditionals

Treasure Island: Integrating Literacy and Robotics, Healey School

Yom Ha'atzmaut Robot Parade, Schechter School of Greater Boston

KIBO Teacher Workshop: KIBO Crossing the Street

KIBO Teacher Workshop: Celebrating Tu B'Shevat

KIBO Teacher Workshop: Celebrating Tu'Bishevat, Part II

KIBO Teacher Workshop: Celebrating Israel

 KIBO Teacher Workshop: Little Miss Muffet

KIBO Teacher Workshop: Using KIBO to Teach about Animal Habitats

"Greensleeves" Robot Ballet

Tufts Technology Module- Cotton Eyed Joe Robot Dance

Hula Dancing Chickens

Cha Cha Slide


KIWI Dancing the Hava Nagila

KIWI World Cup: A High School Adventure

CD-143: Art-Making KIWI Spirograph

"Robo-Poodle" CD-143 KIWI Robotics Project

CD 145- Dancing KIWI Robot Projects

"The Butler"- CD 143 KIWI Robotics Project

The Sukkot Project, Rashi School

KIWI Hokey Pokey

KIWI Projects

KIWI Hula Dance

KIWI Square Dance

KIWI Merengue Dance

KIWI Mariachi Dance

Teachers Play Simon Says with CHERP-KIWI Programming Instructions

KIWI Hokey Pokey-Summer Robotics Institute

Square Dancing KIWIs

Robot Hokie Pokie

Saving Rapunzel

Summer Robotics Institute with Marina Bers

NASA's Mars Rover

The Animal Project

Healey Snow Plow Video

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