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ROBOBYTES: Tuesday December 6th, 2017 

- Happy Computer Science Education Week! To find out more about CSEdWeek visit:

- New Book by Professor Marina Umaschi Bers: Professor Marina Umaschi Bers has a new book titled Coding as Playground: Programming and Computational Thinking in the Early Childhood Classroom available now on Amazon

- Virtual Open House for the Early Childhood Technology (ECT) Graduate Certificate Program on 12/9/17: The ECT program knows that parents and educators need support and training in order to implement high quality coding and engineering activities for young children. Join the virtual open house this Saturday December 9th to learn if this program is right for you! Stay tuned until the end of the open house for activity ideas and tutorials using the KIBO robotics kit and the ScratchJr programming language in honor of CSEdWeek. Sign up here!

ROBOBYTES: June 12th, 2017 

- Interested in learning more about using robotics and other technologies with young children? Enroll in the Tufts Early Childhood Technology Graduate Certificate Program! This program is completed predominantly online and is perfect for busy teachers, parents, and professionals. Find out more about this exciting program by signing up for a Virtual Open House this Friday June 16th at 4:30pm EST.  We hope to see you there! 

New Video Posted: Want to see how KIBO is being used in Barcelona? Be sure to check out the new video posted on our Videos Page. 

- Interested in replicating a KIBO research study? Want access to curriculum, assessments, and more? Request access to DevTech's KIBO Research Protocol here. This new offering is also linked from the Early Childhood Robotics Network's main KIBO page

2-Day Professional Development at Tufts:  DevTech will be running a two-day professional development workshop on July 6-7, 2017. The two-day workshop will provide hands-on training and curriculum development for teaching with technology in early childhood classrooms. This workshop will be held at the DevTech Research Lab at Tufts University, Medford, MA, and is $150/person for the 2 days. Sign up here!  

ROBOBYTES: April 22, 2016

-This week, Professor Marina Umaschi Bers spoke at the White House STEM Symposium, as she represented the “T” in STEM education. Click this link to watch her captivating speech which begins at 36:02!

-The DevTech Researchers are working with the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) to conduct research on KIBO robotics. Through the IDA PlayMaker Programme, schools and educators have worked with young children using KIBO and the curricula. Take a look at this video for more information.

-Does KIBO robotics help foster social interaction in children with autism? Tufts University researchers are collaborating with the Centro Ann Sullivan Panamá (CASPAN) school to conduct research with KIBO. They are working with children with autism spectrum disorder to foster social communication through the use of social robotics such as KIBO.

-The DevTech Researchers visited Washington DC this past week to attend the USA Science and Engineering Festival.They worked with families and children of all ages to demonstrate STEM education with KIBO robotics. Make sure to take a look at the pictures here.

ROBOBYTES: April 1, 2016

- Check out these amazing Teaching Trailblazers! The researchers at DevTech have compiled a special feature with five great innovators and educators. Take a look at their work in the classroom here.

- Are you interested in incorporating mathematics and KIBO into your lesson plan? Take a look at this new curriculum that DevTech researchers have created! The final project involves using patterns, mathematics, and KIBO to create a class quilt.

-Want to know how children act as engineers and imaginers when using KIBO in the classroom? Watch this video of Dr. Marina Umaschi Bers here as she shares about the work that has been done with KIBO in Spain!

ROBOBYTES: February 1, 2016

-Dr. Marina Umaschi Bers and doctoral student, Amanda Sullivan traveled to Singapore to present KIBO at the Playmaker Symposium. Make sure to check out the KIBO masterpieces created by over 200 Kindergarten teachers here!

- Check out this NPR article featuring Dr. Marina Umaschi Bers as The Child Development Expert!

- Interested in learning how to make KIBO dance? Take a look at this curriculum about KIBO.

-This week, DevTech partnered with the Eliot-Pearson Children’s School at Tufts University to hold a coding night for families and their children. Families worked on activities with KIBO for a fun-filled evening. Make sure to check out DevTech Facebook Group to see pictures from the Family Coding Night!

ROBOBYTES: October 22, 2015

- Last week, DevTechers participated in Boston’s HUB week. DevTech brought Scratch Jr. and KIBO Robots to the pop-up maker space in Cambridge, MA. Children and their families got to explore the technologies by using the Ipads and the robots. Take a look at the pictures here.

- Check out this interesting article about how to teach KIBO to young children in early education.

-How do Maker Spaces and museums go together? Check out our latest Teaching Trailblazer, Cate Heroman, to find out!

ROBOBYTES: September 29, 2015

- Meet the KIBO robot! Check out this video to catch a look at KIBO in action. See students work on new projects with KIBO!

-How do football and robotics go together? Find out here to check out Wonder Workshop’s STEM program for early education.

- New Publication: KIBO Robot Demo: Engaging Young Children in Programming and Engineering.

- Last month, 30 teachers from around the world came to Tufts University to learn about using KIBO with young children. The participants learned about the growth mindset, sang, danced, and even learned puppetry. Check out the DevTech Facebook Group to see pictures!

ROBOBYTES: May 28, 2015

- New KIBO tutorial videos have been posted! Check out this page to get tips and tricks for teaching with the KIBO robotics kit.

- Here is an interesting article by the Center for Talent Development (CTD) at Northwestern University about coding with young kids. Don’t forget to listen to the embedded interview with Ann Gadzikowski, the Early Childhood Education Coordinator at CTD.

- How do dancing and early childhood robotics go together? Watch this video to find out!

- On August 24th and 25th, the DevTech Research Group at Tufts University will be hosting a 2-day professional development workshop on KIBO robotics. The workshop will provide hands-on training and an in-depth understanding of how to use KIBO robotics in a developmentally appropriate way with young children. Participants will leave with a fully-developed robotics curriculum ready to implement! Reserve your spot here:

- New Publication: Robotics in the Early Childhood Classroom: Learning Outcomes from an 8-week Robotics Curriculum in Pre-Kindergarten through Second Grade.

ROBOBYTES: April 24, 2015

- On August 24th and 25th, the DevTech Research Group at Tufts University will be hosting a 2-day professional development workshop on KIBO robotics. The workshop will provide hands-on training and an in-depth understanding of how to use KIBO robotics in a developmentally appropriate way with young children. Participants will leave with a fully-developed robotics curriculum ready to implement! Reserve your spot here:

- Featured Video: KIBO at Kennedy-Longfellow

- What does the book Where the Wild Things Are and robotics have to do with each other? Check out our latest Teaching Trailblazer, Marisa Garcia, to find out!

ROBOBYTES: April 1, 2015

- We’ve been updating the ECRN website! Did you see that we recently added teaching videos? Check out this page to get tips and tricks for teaching the KIBO robotics kit.

- Here are some tips for using LEGO® with children ages 5-8.

- Featured Video: 1st Grade Iditarod 2015

- What’s the difference between using technology and integrating technology? Read about it here.

ROBOBYTES: February 27, 2015

- KIBO Workshop Opportunity, Saturday March 21st: The Kinderlab Robotics Professional Development Team invites you to sign up for an upcoming interactive workshop that will show you ways to introduce robotics to the K–2nd grade classroom. Participants will learn research-based approaches for incorporating KIBO into your teaching materials and curriculum. This training will fill up fast, so sign up today!

- What does it look like to use robotics in a Montessori classroom? Read this publication to find out more.

-Check out our latest Teaching Trailblazer, Claire Caine!

ROBOBYTES: February 3, 2015

- Check out how students at a Cambridge, MA elementary school are using robotics and other technologies in their classrooms.

- Featured Video: Tedx talk “Young programmers: Think playgrounds, not playpens” by Dr. Marina Bers

- Looking to create your own robotics curriculum? Take a look at these resources.

ROBOBYTES: October 30, 2014

- Featured Video: Robotics in Arlington. Take a look at how a mix-age group of K-2 students in a summer English immersion program improve their English skills while learning about engineering and programming. This was a program led by the DevTech Research Group in Arlington public schools.

- Check out this month’sTeaching Trailblazer, featuring Ilana Picker, an occupational therapist and teacher doing cool things with robotics!

- Have you heard that schools in the UK now require students to learn to code? Read about it here.

ROBOBYTES: June 3, 2014

- See how the KIBO Robot Kickstarter is coming along

- Featured Video: Treasure Island Robotics in 2nd grade

- Early Childhood Tech on Pinterest

ROBOBYTES: May 1, 2014

- Check out this awesome activity using Biomimicry and Design in the 2nd grade classroom. Check out Mrs. Germadnik's Blog for more awesome GT activities!

- Give your kids the chance to get wildly creative! Build Your Wild Self is a New York Zoos and Aquarium website to explore.

- Take a look at our newest video on the site: KIWI Everybody Dance Now.

ROBOBYTES: April 11, 2014

- Wonder is a powerful word in the classroom, at least the creators of Wonderopolis think so. A website dedicated to helping K-12 age children research the questions they want answered. Questions like: Do robots wonder?

- A new roboticist community was launched this March intended to bring together an internet community to collaborate on robotics design. Born from a class taught at Georgia Tech, check out O-Botics!!

- Check out some videos of our KIWI robots in a 2nd grade classroom! The curriculum centered on a Treasure Island theme and the students all made one of a kind projects. Take a look at this fun video about parrots and this one about twin robots!

ROBOBYTES: March 28th, 2014

- Check out Mathigon!. This website is trying to make mathematics more accessible to the public. They have fun classroom activities and suggested curriculum you can look into.

- Have you heard about Play-i? They are accepting orders now for their fun and friendly robots Bo and Yana. Be sure to check them out or take a look at their blog.

- Want to get a quick briefing on early childhood STEM learning? Check out this brief by the Successful Stem Education group released last December.

- Maybe someday your students will be pursuing robotics and who knows what they will be capable of. For inspiration check out this video of humanoid robots playing soccer.

- Looking for an early childhood coding app? The DevTech Research Group along with the MIT Media Lab and The Playful Invention Company to bring Scratch Jr to children everywhere. Check out the Kickstarter Campaign here!

ROBOBYTES: March 11th, 2014

- Looking for some cool new tools in the classroom? Check out this collaboration between Modular Robotics and LEGO.

- A good read comes from Marina Bers. Click for more info.

- Have you checked out the new LEGO movie? Well maybe you should make one of your own in the classroom! Try out a new app for apple devices that helps you make simple stop motion movies using legos here

ROBOBYTES: February 21st, 2014

- Read about ScratchJr, a new programming language for young children in this NYTimes Article!

- Check out some of our fun new videos featuring a Flamenco Robot and Cha Cha Slide Robots.

- Also are you looking for a paper on robotics curriculum? Check out: Computational thinking and tinkering: Exploration of an early childhood robotics curriculum.

ROBOBYTES: December 10th, 2013

- New videos posted: Wanna see robots dancing the Hava Nagila and other cool dances? Visit: Our Videos

- PPTs available to download from STEM Smart Workshop: Many cool presentations on engineering and technology at the National Science Foundation's STEM Smart Workshop this month. To download powerpoints, visit: this site and click on the "PPT" link next to each presentation.

- New research paper: New research paper by Dr. Bers and her team on early childhood robotics curriculum: Link

ROBOBYTES: November 13th, 2013

- New Video Posted; See the KIWI robot in action here: Confused Robot

- DevTech Mailing List- Interested in hearing news and updates from the DevTech Research Group? Sign up for the mailing list here: Mailing List

- Pre-K Robotics- How young can kids build and program robots? Check out an article on robotics in Pre-K here: Link

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