Looking to create your own robotics curriculum? Here you will find all the materials you need, from planning and brainstorming worksheets to classroom teaching aids and assessments.

Teaching Materials:

KIBO Engineering Design Journal

KIBO Engineering Design Journals can be purchased here.

'KIBO Says'

'KIBO Says' Game can be purchased here.

Engineering Design Process Poster

This can be enlarged and used in the classroom.

Robot Parts Song Lyrics

This editable document includes lyrics to the Robot Parts song for KIBO and WeDo, but you can easily adapt it for any robotics kit.

Sample Blank Engineer's License

Editable word document that can be adapted. 

Sample Engineering Design Journal

Sample Design Journal from the Playground Curriculum.

Collaboration Web Template

Blank Collaboration Web Template

KIBO Puppets

Instructions to build your own KIBO puppets!

Assessment Materials:

KIBO Research Protocol Request

Fill out a form to request full access to DevTech research materials including: child assessments, teacher assessments, curricula, and more. 

KIBO Assessment Packs

KIBO Assessment Packs can be purchased here.

General Assessment Templates

Assessments for general robotics and programming lessons that can be modified or adapted for use with various types of curriculum and robotics kits. 

PTD Engagement Checklist (Children) and PTD Engagement Checklist (Environment/Facilitator) 

The PTD Engagement Checklist is based on the theoretical foundation of Positive Technological Development (PTD). The goal of the PTD checklist is to provide a lens into how children are engaging with the behaviors described by the PTD framework.






Creative Commons License

All curriculum and materials are licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Under this license, you may use and adapt this work, but you must attribute the work to the DevTech Research Group. You may not use this work for commercial purposes.




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