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We would like to commend Mollie for submitting her curriculum design to the site last week. The link to that document can be found on our Curriculum Resource page. Mollie has agreed to open up the forum to discussion on her curriculum. So do we have any questions and suggestions for Mollie? 

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Thank you Mollie for posting this new curriculum. I am looking forward to hear how it is implemented in the classrooms!

Mollie, thanks so much for posting this curriculum. Here's a direct link to downloading Mollie's curriculum so people can find it easier: Everyone Feels Curriculum 

I'm loving the idea of teaching social and emotional learning with and through robotics that Mollie writes about. I'm currently using some of the extension activities from this curriculum with my teaching of KIWI robotics at the East Boston Early Education Center in PK, K, 1st, and 2nd grade. I will definitely share some pics, videos, and questions once my classroom implementation is done!


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